Biohazard Cleanup Services

COVID-19 Disinfection

Bacteria, such as those responsible for COVID-19, can survive on surfaces of varying kinds under the right conditions. Since the novel coronavirus can spread through respiratory droplets in the air, it’s easy for this kind of threat to exist undetected. Use our commercial decontamination services to return your workplace to a clean environment that won’t foster viral concerns.

From the moment you receive word that a biohazard accident has broken out at your workplace, you may feel anxious or unsure about what to do next. In such instances, it’s vital to hire experts who have experience handling unexpected substances, whether it be chemical spills, animal remains, bodily fluids, or crime scene residue. It’s smart to take immediate precautionary measures against further damage, and our emergency teams can help.

Our biohazard cleanup services offer the personnel, knowledge, and tools necessary to thoroughly restore your business to its normal appearance, smell, and functionality. Read below for details about our approaches to decontaminating any workplace.

Proper Disposal of Substances

The handling of biohazardous materials—whether sewage waste, bodily remains, animal substances, or anything else—poses a threat to one’s health. Because of this it’s wise to let trained professionals handle the removal and disposal of any potentially harmful substances. If you’re the first to discover a biohazard scene at work, do your best to block off the area and don’t tamper with anything. Our specialist teams can take it from there.

Our personnel can handle the cleanup of:

  • Bodily fluids, animal remains, and death accidents
  • Crime / homicide scenes
  • Hoarding / mold and bacterial growth
  • Chemical and corrosive substance spills
  • Meth and tear gas lab accidents
  • Any other commercial location biohazard

Restoration of Your Workplace

After removing any hazardous substances and affected objects, and completing a thorough surface disinfection, we address secondary areas of damage. This includes flooring, walls, ceilings, and doors. The exact process your location needs largely depends on the specific biohazard situation. In all instances, our biohazard cleanup services provide specialized knowledge to remediate, clean, and replace affected materials. Dehumidification, odor control, and ventilation are some methods used to control indoor moisture levels and hasten bacterial removal.

Briefing with Your Staff for Best Practices

After our decontamination processes are complete, we meet briefly with your staff to make recommendations specific to your workplace. These instructions will highlight any areas for improvement we noticed throughout your site and best practices to lessen the future likelihood of biohazard emergencies, including those relating to coronavirus. For example, if your workplace has a breakroom with a kitchen, it’s vital to clean this space daily and encourage employees to pick up after themselves. For commercial locations near high levels of humidity, controlling airflow and protecting against unwanted moisture is useful.

Our teams reestablish the safety and sanitization of your workplace, so you can return soon with confidence. If your workplace needs disinfection, call us and request our biohazard cleanup services right away.