Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

Addressing smoke or fire damage in your workplace is often the worst nightmare for business owners, and rightly so. Once a fire has caught, it can spread rapidly before sprinkler sensors kick in or the fire department arrives. As fire and smoke damage restoration experts, we can help you recover as much as possible from your business and get back to your normal operations in a reasonable timeframe. Continue reading for details about our smoke and fire damage remediation services.

Site Clearing and Initial Detoxification

Once our teams arrive on-site, they immediately assess what needs to be removed and how to detoxify your location. Most workplaces have large, firm structures such as bookcases, shelving units, cabinets, and countertops. When damaged by fire, the substances comprising these objects often emit toxic chemicals. Nation’s Dry Out professionals will clear your working space of all destroyed objects, ash, and debris before a deeper cleaning begins.

Building Integrity Evaluation

When fire and smoke damage occurs, it’s common for building integrity to become compromised. Our fire and smoke damage restoration experts are well-versed not only in addressing immediate needs but medium-to-long-term effects of accidents. Working with any fire department and building safety crew who may also be present, we identify site areas in need of repair, as well as structural vulnerabilities that fire and smoke all too often cause.

Documentation and Valuables Recovery

Since businesses often deal daily with paperwork and computers, we know how distressing it is trying to recover damaged materials. Due to the nature of accidents, we can’t promise anything, but our teams are trained in the proper handling of proprietary information. Computers, filing cabinets, desk materials, and more are handled with the utmost care and privacy. Our staff works with you to recover and preserve as much of your existing business materials as possible.

Damage Recap and Next Steps

After experiencing fire damage-related loss, the smartest move is enacting preventive measures for the future. Nation’s Dry Out will provide a recap on the extent of damage uncovered, and how we’d specifically protect your workplace from similar, future damage. Our recommendations will vary greatly depending on the nature of your business, and the scope of your workplace or office. No matter the situation you face, our fire and smoke damage remediation services will help you get through this confusing and difficult time from start to finish.

Don’t attempt to handle a fire or smoke workplace accident yourself. Call our team at the earliest sign of smoke or fire damage. Our staff is trained to address even the most complicated and difficult scenarios with our fire and smoke damage restoration services. We’re available to serve you with rapid turnaround times!