Commercial Damage Cleanup Services

construction workers reviewing damage

Fire and Smoke Damage


Dealing with the outcome of a fire is tough. Nation’s Dry Out makes it easier.

While fire damage may seem like it’s easy to wipe away, you don’t want to underestimate the true issues caused to your business when the flames take hold.  

Materials that commonly comprise business locations will not only burn, but leave behind ashes and thick residues from plastics, glass, or combustible metals. Liquids, such as what you might find in hair spray, drink machines, or cleaning chemicals, may boil or scorch the floor. Other items break down into piles of charred rubble - think of the bookcases in an office, the shelving in a retail store, the tables in a dining area. These are all things that must be cleared away and are typically dangerous to those who don’t know what they’re handling.

What about the building’s construction? Countertops burn away and, if laminated, may partially melt. Walls, carpets, vinyl or wood flooring, the moldings around the walls and windows, doors, even the ceiling—nothing remains unscathed in a fire.

Even the efforts to control a fire are problematic. Water or the foam from fire extinguishers can cause stains and residue, in addition to worsening an already messy situation.

Don’t wait until your business is in cinders to find someone to call! Our professional damage cleanup services can be there within 4 hours to help you take care of the mess. Having us in your pocket makes it easier than ever to get your doors back open after a fire. Give us a call immediately!

Water Damage


Water can cause an incredible amount of damage in a short amount of time.  The biggest problem with water is that it is everywhere in your place of business, even when you don’t realize it.  In some cases, it’s even worse than fire damage because you may not even realize the issue is there until the damage is too much to easily handle.

Most people think of water damage only when the weather creates issues with draining or flooding. However, water can come from anywhere and cause issues: Overflowing toilets can leave damage under linoleum flooring; broken sprinkler heads can quickly rain out a thriving business; plumbing can freeze over and burst, surprising you with an explosion of water when you least expect it. If your business has a bathroom in it, water damage is a hazard that you must be ready for.

Because water can potentially erode anything in its path, it’s crucial that water be cleaned up as soon as it’s found. You don’t want to wait until your foundation is being eaten away, or your products become waterlogged to call our commercial damage cleanup services.

That’s why Nation’s Dry Out should be on your speed dial.  Within 4 hours after your call, we’ll be at your business and ensuring the water can no longer cause damage to your business.   Contact us today and wring out the towels - we’re ready to get you back open!

Disaster Clean Up


When an emergency is over, there’s no time to waste. Your business has been losing money every tick of the clock, and in the face of a disaster, that can mean days of wasted work. In addition to the lost business, disastrous circumstances can wipe out your product inventory, destroy your building, and in essence force you to start over from the beginning.

Flood damage caused by rising lake or ocean water, hurricanes, or other forces of nature can last for days or even weeks. The standing water can eat away at paint or wallpaper and can destroy the stability of walls and floors if left to dry naturally. The importance of time is not lost on Nation’s Dry Out, and we do our best to clean up the water before it causes further damage to your business.

Fires and all of the destruction it causes can sometimes reach disastrous proportions. Imagine a wildfire bearing down on your business, engulfing it in smoke and oppressive heat. Glass shatters, products scorch and sometimes burn to ash. The building is compromised by the weight of ash and debris, and that’s not mentioning the aesthetic damage done, the blackening of walls and ceilings by smoke. Getting to these damaged spots first will increase the chances of saving a business, and our professional damage cleanup services teams make it a priority to clean them up so you can focus on getting your business back to normal.

In the case of disasters, Nation’s Dry Out may have to do a Trash-Out. The Trash-Out procedure is only used when a business has been so badly damaged by water or fire damage that none of the interior items are able to be salvaged. From product displays and fixtures to the products themselves, all of the interior items are considered trash and are removed by Nation’s Dry Out during our clean-up process. Before the procedure takes place, an assessment with the client is done to see if anything is salvageable. Ultimately, it is the client’s decision as to whether or not a Trash-Out needs to occur.

After a disaster, every business wants to rebuild. But before you can rebuild, you must clean up the mess. That’s where Nation’s Dry Out covers your needs. We’re experienced in offering commercial damage cleanup services and ideal procedures for any situation. Give us a call today to hire one of our disaster clean-up teams.